Meenal Rohit Menon
"After more than 7 years of struggling with unexplained infertility ... We decided to visit Nirmity Fertility Centre .. We had a positive experience from our first appointment and throughout the whole process.. Dr. KRISHNA KUMAR read our charts and gave us options - He was quick to recommend one route over the other as he was confident we WOULD be parents one day. With the treatments we had previously attempted, we opted to try IVF. Thankfully, we were successful in the first round. We credit Dr. KRISHNA KUMAR and his team not only for their expert medical guidance, but also their empathy and compassion to couples who are experiencing infertility. It is such a delicate issue - one that many people do not understan In our opinion, this clinic is the whole package! We would recommend your services to anyone and everyone!
Pallavi Deosthale
"Myself Pallavi and Raj are married since 9 years.I had 2-3 rounds of hysterescopy for uterine septum resection followed by 3 failed IVF attempts at reputed clinics in Mumbai. During the course of treatment, I was diagonsed for left ovarian mass and was operated for the same followed by chemotherapy. Again attempted IVF but it failed.Finally we decided to consult Dr.Krishnakumar at Nirmiti Fertility and IVF Center We were frustrated due to previous failures in IVF but the counselling session conducted by Mrs.Krishnakumar made my approach positive towards the treatment.Embryo transfer was done in October 2013 and to our surprise the pregnancy test was positive. We achieved success in the very first attempt at Nirmiti.
Dr Sangeeta Patil.
Atlanta, USA
After suffering from 5 abortions in USA where I am living, my life just oscillated between doctors and frustration. In spite of several tests done by internationally recognized doctors in the US,my reason for abortions was not established and still all of them insisted I should opt for IVF, which I never understood. On my mothers insistence I visited India and met Dr Krishnakumar who stated unless he does hysteroscopy on me he would not treat me. To my surprise he diagnosed I had large terine septum which was missed by doctors in US. He corrected my septum and became pregnant naturally and flew to US, but followed all his instructions there and came back to India for delivery as I found him ,his wife Jayashree & his staff very knowledgable and kind and also his hospital was well equipped. I am blessed with a son now. I will be definitely planning for next delivery also very much with him.
Sampada & Amit Shitole
Dr Krishnakumar & Dr Tambe are really doing a great Job helping couples achieve their dreams.The counselling sessions by Mrs Jayashree was of great help, but we felt it should have been earlier as it would have helped us going for IVf much earlier, and kudos to theirteam and staff
Mrs Shriya Kadam
Apt & Precise treatment with no delay in decisions are the precise forte of Nirmiti. With an experienced pair of doctors and helpful staff we would surely recommend this to all.
Shuba Jadhav
From the time I have met Dr S Krishnakumarhe has been treating me with personal care and attention and has been very supportive and has been the first one from so many doctors we visited to understand my problem of PCOD and guided me perfectly.
Madhavan and Sripriya.
Dr Krishnakumar has been very friendly and many of our questions though at times silly were answered by him very satisfactorily. All the procedures conducted were explained well with CD recording . All his staff were also very supportive and the cleanliness of the clinic is exemplary.